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With a solid knowledge & information on Migration Law & Practices, our team of 25 RMAs has evolved to an extent.


Our team of experts leaves back no points in taking ahead the client’s case against the legislation, providing him/her with an utter satisfaction.


We offer the best from our end, guarantying a stress-free environment for you and your family in regards for any of your visa to Many Countries.

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Primetime Overseas is the leading Consultancy strives to give you credible and accurate advice in a way that is very easy for you to understand .Primetime Overseas provides guidance to individual student with variety of aspects of studying abroad education in Australia, UK, USA, Europe, New Zealand and Canada ranging from providing information on the advantages of pursuing their Qualification.

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Primetime Overseas is working with over 200 reputed universities and educational institutes in these countries Australia, UK, USA, Europe, New Zealand and Canada

Skilled Worker Visa

The skilled people who want to migrate have to apply for Skilled migration visa that is generally based on the skills or education background of the applicant..

Business Immigration Visa

The world is evolving into a revolutionizing village and the economies are enormously progressing with the growth in international trade..

Citizenship by Investment

While residence is granted to investors and wealthy individuals in most countries, there are currently only a handful of countries which offer citizenship-by-investment.

Student/ Study Visa

With worldwide integration, Education sector has always been the one domain which captured a big amount of population across the world..


Student Visa for Canada

With world-class cities like Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Quebec, the country is also renowned among international students to pursue higher studies. Canadian degrees and credentials are given importance equivalent to the degrees of U.S. and other European countries.


Admission process is fairly simple. A Student needs to submit application form, relevant fees and past academic documents along with English proficiency certificate.


You need to purchase a Guaranteed Investment Certificate to fund your living and study expenses for the duration of your stay in Canada.


If you want to work in Canada, you must take work permit. It is a written authorisation issued to a person who is not a canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada.


If you are living in Canada on a temporary visa and wish to stay in the country permanently, we can help you know different visas and programs that can provide you with permanent resident status.


Student Visa for Australia

With a population that originates from more than 200 countries, Australia is the most friendly and accommodating country in the world. The country’s outdoor activities have always encouraged people to come together, be it gathering around a barbeque or at sporting events.


Being MARA agents, we can assist you to gather all the documents required to support your student visa application and also represent it to Australian Immigration Department on your behalf.


Being a strong representative
of the major universities of
Australia, we can help you save a lot of time knowing the updated scholarship information of different universities.


If you didn’t find the course the way you anticipated & are looking to change your course, we can suggest an alternative that is more suitable to your learning abilities & career aspirations.


If you are on a student or holiday visa and your visa is due to
expire, we can assist you with the most common options that allows
you to extend your stay in


With the Internet spreading linke wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information.

At PrimeTime Overseas, we provide you with an immense range of special, high quality of educational Universities or colleges all over the globe and great opportunities of professional career.

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