Parent Visa


Parent Visa

Parent Visa as the number of immigrants armed with this visa is defined for each year. Normally parents of children permanently settled in Australia are offered this visa. Sponsorship for such immigrants is provided by a resident Australian child. Number of immigrants travelling to this country based on this visa type being limited there is always a beeline globally. Australian Parent Visa a parent must appear and pass a ‘balance of family test’. Sponsors for this visa category should be either:

  • An Australian citizen;
  • A permanent resident of Australia.
  • An eligible citizen of New Zealand.

It may be noted that an applicant immigrating to this country with a Parent Australia visa is not immediately eligible for age pension. Permanent residents of Australia settled newly need to wait for a period of ten years before being entitled to Australian Age pension.

Categories of Australia Parent Visa

  • Aged Parent Visa: Subclass 804 (onshore)
    this is an inshore permit for aged parents to reside in this country permanently. An applicant must necessarily have children who are either Australian citizens or are permanent residents of this country. Even parents whose children are eligible citizens of New Zealand are eligible for this immigration type.

  • Contributory Aged Parent Visa: Subclass 884 (Temporary: onshore)
    this temporary visa is for a period of two years and is valid for parents whose children are permanent dwellers of Australia or eligible New Zealand citizens. Subclass 884 visa is processed faster though at a higher cost. A temporary visa holder is entitled to permanent immigration after two years.

  • Contributory Aged Parent Visa: Subclass 864 (onshore)
    this also is meant for aged parents whose children are permanent settlers in Australia or eligible New Zealand citizens. As compared to the earlier class this is costlier and processed faster.

  • Contributory Parent Migrant Visa: Subclass 173 to 143
    Application for this visa category may be done before expiry of¬†Contributory Parent Visa¬†issued for temporary residence. This immigration documentation is allowed for candidates holding ‘contributory parent visa subclass 173’ and planning for a ‘contributory parent migrant visa’.
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